be Arion Partner?

Arion jukeboxes offer you the opportunity to have your own business in this industry. A chance to earn more money, using your computer skills, your passion for working actively, to be the owner of your time and your constant search of entertainment centers like bars and restaurants.

Knows the benefits

Some of the benefits you can get if you become an Arion Partner are:

• Generate of income VS the time invested.
• Control your working schedule
• Professional support of the personnel of Arion in the installation, relocation, and maintenance of your machines.
• Become a non-investment partner with the leading jukeboxes in the country, offering you income generated by each operating Arion Jukebox.
• Multimedia support (development of promotional videos and logos for your clients).
• Support of Arion and its staff to help you in the process of
training, administrative, theoretical and technical information of jukeboxes.
• Point of sale and advertising material.
• Sales and commercial training


Responsible and reliable

Entrepreneurial attitude

Experience in computer maintenance

Well organized and experience in self-management

Active and proactive

Available time to work in the field


Clean legal history

Automobile (desirable)

25 years Minimum age

Growth vision

Join as a  Partner

Also, with Arion, you can enjoy the credit system, an innovative way in which you as a jukebox manager, you can buy credits and then sell them in your business or give them as part of a promotion.

What are you waiting to be an Arión Partner?

    Do you have experience in repair and maintenance of computers, video, telephone networks?

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