• Differentiation of commissions for money, tokens (tokens) and credits
• App compatible “Shared Cashier” for the acquisition of credits in prepaid mode and
• Independent WiFi network to establish communication between the jukebox and
mobiles (tablet, cell phone) for the “Smart Cashier.”
• Different modes of operation: only Cash, only electronic credits, or
hybrid (two previous).
• 21.5 “Wide Screen Multitouch touchscreen.
• Equipped with a tablet a powerful tool to facilitate the use and
use of the machine, installed shared cashier app.
• Configurable prices for audio, video and karaoke titles.
• No waiting time between songs with configurable Fade In – Fade Out.
• “Play my song now” with configurable price.
• Configurable overplay.
• Intelligent search.
• Remote control through App Shared Cashier.
• High fidelity boosted baffles.

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