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options for jukeboxes

We have different options so that you can buy a new or reconditioned jukebox for you to earn much more, and make your business grow.

With the Arion jukeboxes, you sell much more than with the jukeboxes of the competition.

1. Buy a Jukebox

Buy an Arion jukebox at the best price and access the complete music and video catalog, set your business with the best fun we have for you and make it sound sooo good.

2. Rent a Jukebox


Don't let the party stop, for a fixed monthly rent, take the best jukebox for your event room.

*Only applies to party and event rooms.


Choose a monthly loan, depending on the sales generated by the jukebox is the percentage of money earnings.


Buy a package of monthly credits and the 100% of the income generated by the jukebox is yours.

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