Meet our Jukeboxes

Because we know that music moves all the senses and makes places a unique and fun space.

Our jukeboxes have the best technology and design to make your business or party have the best experience.

Specs of our jukeboxes


With more than a million songs available.


We have all the legal rights to play music in bars, restaurants and more.


Make your place a karaoke night with all the classic songs and hits of the moment.


Play music videos, commercials, and advertising spots.

Previous models of jukeboxes


Central illuminated acrylic incorporated sound system, wooden main door with plasticized finish, balanced output for external audio system, balanced input for microphone.


Wood cabinet with modular system and lateral led lights, 17” touchscreen monitor, plasticized finish on main door and powered speakers in sound system.


19” Touchscreen monitor, long life cabinet, classic design, incorporated sound system, decorative led lighting.


19” Touchscreen monitor, decorative led lighting, plasticized finish in main door, powerful amplifier, balanced output for external audio system, balanced input for microphone.


Middle size jukebox incorporated sound system, plasticized finish in main door.


Wood cabinet, 19” touchscreen monitor, lateral led lights, high quality incorporated sound system, equalizer, balanced input for microphone, wooden main door with plasticized finish.


Plastic made main door with innovative design, 19” touchscreen monitor, decorative led lighting, powerful incorporated sound system.

Conversion Kits


With the conversion kit we provide you with the necessary tools to move any jukebox of any brand to our Arion Touch Screen Software system.

What is it for?

With this kit, you can renew your old jukebox and convert it to Arion. You will be getting all the benefits of being part of Arion’s family.

¡The Arion jukebox sounds amazing!


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