• Simple wall mounting system.
• High power amplified speakers (active and passive optional).
• 17 “LCD Touch Screen Monitor (1280 x 1024).
• Arion OS
• Wireless remote control.
• Automatic audio and video modulator (optional).
• Multi-currency electronic coin reader
• Configuration of different prices for audio, video and karaoke titles.
• No waiting time between songs with configurable Fade In – Fade Out.
• “Play my song now” with a configurable differentiated price.
• Configurable overplay.
• Intelligent search.
• Single Play multi zones
• Playback Modes:
One at a time -Mono zone
One at a time -Multi zone

Simultaneous reproduction.


Unpacked: height 65 cm, width 49 cm, depth 18 cm, weight 28 kg

With packaging: high 88 cm, width 64 cm, depth 31 cm, weight 35.

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